Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Casa Noble: Driving More Refined Tequila Consumption

By: David Kiley

Tequila seems to have to fight for respect more than other spirits, such as whisky, rum, brandy and even vodka. Perhaps it's because Tequila seems to be more associated, in the U.S. with benders and beach parties rather than snifters and sommeliers.

But one of the small-volume craft Tequila producers helping to raise Tequila's image beyond the margarita is Casa Noble, a brand whose history dates back to the 1700s.

Casa Noble, which produces about 150,000 litters of Tequila of different ages each year, produces from a holding of about 3,000 acres of blue agave, about one-tenth that of Tequila giant Jose Cuervo (curve also buys blue agave from other growers). And Casa Noble's blue agave fields are mostly on slopes and hillsides, which stresses the plant, and the company believes produces a more complex tasting agave plant.

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Bambeeno Cashmere Lobster Sweater

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Bambeeno Cashmere

Bambeeno Cashmere's lobster sweater is spring-tastic. Credit: Bambeeno Cashmere

Who says little ones should be deprived of a little luxury now and then? Certainly not Jessica Alba or Kelly Rutherford -- two celebs who dress their kids in Bambeeno Cashmere.

The label offers soft, sweet and stylish cashmere pieces for kids and we're completely smitten with Bambeeno's sweaters -- perfect for a chilly spring day or evening.

Our fave: The lobster style, worn by Honor Marie Warren. Yes, it's $138, but it's fabulous.

Check out the full line at

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Hybrid battery -- Warning lights - Brake, Hybrid, Master, and Check Engine

Hi, i'm a newbie here, looking for experience and insights on a problem yesterday with my 2005 Prius with 120k miles. All these warning lights came...


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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

XM Radio for my '07

I want to replace my Sirius radio that is integrates with the MFD with the XM version that will also integrate w/ the MFD.

I can't seem to find...


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Daily Beauty Tip

We're in love with Rose Byrne's long, curvy bangs.


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dashboard speaker and the navigation system

OK, folks, I desperately need your help here because I think I'm losing my marbles. In short: I need to find written documentation somewhere that...


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The Periodic Table Of Social Issues Displays The Worst Elements Of Mankind.

The classic Periodic Table of Elements becomes a tabular display of the worst elements of humankind in the Periodic Table of Social Issues by Dorothy, an art and design collective in Manchester.

Limited 1st edition print of 100.
1 colour screen print poster on 170gsm uncoated art paper
H60 x W80cm

Purchase it here.


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